Nut House Escape Rooms 1280 Scottsville Road Suite 40-50. Rochester, NY 14624

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1-3 People: $29.99 per person plus tax

4-5 People: $27.99 per person plus tax

6-7 People: $25.99 per person plus tax

8-9 People: $23.99 per person plus tax

10-12 People: $21.99 per person plus tax

13+ People: $19.99 per person plus tax


Our Rooms

You're white water rafting with your friends when suddenly it begins to down pour. The rapids intensify; you hit a large rock and flip your raft. You and your friends are getting swept down the river, fighting to stay above water. You come to a calm section of the river and swim to shore; your raft is nowhere to be found. Cold and wet, you and your friends seek shelter. Off in the distance you see a cabin in the woods. You knock on the door and it creeps open, but no one appears to be home. You enter the cabin and suddenly the door slams shut behind you...

Cabin In The Woods

Number of Players
2 to 10

You're at the local bar, looking down at your drink, you hear the bartender yell "last call!". You take your last sip and head outside. You're stumbling down the dimly lit sidewalk back to your apartment, when suddenly someone grabs you from behind. They cover your mouth, your eyes feel heavy, and you begin to lose consciousness. When you come to, you are blindfolded and your wrists are bound. You hear the sounds of people crying all around you, begging to be let go.

Mr. Jenkins Basement

Number of Players
4 to 14

The Hacker:


You're taking a tour of the history of the internet at W.I.T.C.H. (World Internet Traffic Central Hub). Your tour guide Gladys has been working there for 35 years and today is her last day; she is retiring. As you make your way down a long hall to the next stop on the tour, Gladys stops in front of a door. She turns to you and says "since you're my last group, I have a special treat for everyone". She swipes her badge and the door opens. She waives you and your group in. When she hears a familiar voice call her name from a distance, she then says "hold on sweeties, I'll be with you in just a minute" and the door slowly closes behind you...

Number of Players
2 to 10