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What Is An Escape Room?

You and a group of people are trapped in a themed room and only have  60 minutes to escape. You must work together under pressure to find clues scattered around the room and solve the puzzles and mystery of the room before time runs out


For pricing, please click Book Now and choose your date, time and number of people. The more people in your group, the more money you will save per person!

All Rooms Are Private


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Cabin in the woods black border.png

Cabin In

The Woods

You're white water rafting with your friends when suddenly it begins to down pour. The rapids intensify; you hit a large rock and flip your raft. You and your friends are getting swept down the river, fighting to stay above water. You come to a calm section of the river and swim to shore; your raft is nowhere to be found. Cold and wet, you and your friends seek shelter. Off in the distance you see a cabin in the woods. You knock on the door and it creeps open, but no one appears to be home. You enter the cabin and hear a voice from the beyond and suddenly the door slams shut behind you…

Escape Rate: 40%

2-10 Players

  • Your experience may contain some elements of surprise. If you have any heart issues or high blood pressure, you may not wish to participate.

Mr. Jenkins Black Border.png

Mr. Jenkin's 


You're at the local bar, looking down at your drink, you hear the bartender yell "last call!". You take your last sip and head outside. You're stumbling down the dimly lit sidewalk back to your apartment, when suddenly someone grabs you from behind. They cover your mouth, your eyes feel heavy, and you begin to lose consciousness. When you come to, you are blindfolded and your wrists are bound. You hear the sounds of people crying all around you, begging to be let go.

Escape Rate: 35%

2-14 Players

  • Your experience may contain some elements of surprise, gore and flashing lights. If you have any heart issues, high blood pressure or epilepsy you may not wish to participate.


The Hacker


While taking a tour of the history of the internet at the World Internet Traffic Central Hub, your tour guide waves you into the server room and informs you she will be right back. Suddenly, the power goes out and a voice comes over the loudspeaker informing you that the internet is under attack. You and your group must race against time to prevent a hacker from taking down the internet forever.

Escape Rate: 20%

4-10 Players

Kings Curse2.png



The once peaceful King Henry has fallen under the spell of an evil warlock who has influenced the king to wage war against his own kingdom. While trying to thwart the warlock’s plans, your friends were captured and locked in the warlock’s castle. You and your group must break into the castle to free your friends and lift the warlocks spell before the kingdom is lost forever. 

Escape Rate: 40%

4-10 Players

  • This experience contains flickering lights. If you are sensitive towards flickering lights you may not wish to participate.

  • This experience may require you to crawl on the floor, please dress accordingly

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